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  1. Meaning ; milk has a rich content of protein and is also the best source of calcium. These terms are nothing but the process by which the packaged milk is produced. Pasteurization is a process whereby milk is heated to a great temperature to elimination becteria, which are responsible for several diseases.”process of packed milk ” before the milk is accepted by the diary, they test in their own labs about the quality of the milk. Then the milk is packed in different forms. Packaged milk and cream is kept in a refrigerated cold store below 6 degree contigrate and then is distributed by the Vans.” Mostly milk is collected by local diary farms”. ” After lab testing it is unloaded in store”. ” Then the milk is pasteurized”.” Then packaged into various packages, glass bottles, cartons and poly bottles”.” Health benefits of milk”  bones, teeth, blood pressure, cardiovascular diseases,obesi ob.” Conclusion” milk is a need for everybody. As raw milk contains many bacteria so it is not treated as good source now a days.


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